Automation of a salt crushing system in a salt mine

A roller crushing system for salt extraction was implemented 250 meters underground. The process includes filling the system with a wheeled loader. The crude salt is transported to the roller crusher, broken up and conveyed above ground with conveyor belts. This was implemented with 250 KW in an inside delta connection.



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Filling technology for the production of ready meals

Filling technology is used to depalletise plastic crates and break open the frozen contents. Emptying them and transporting the contents to a multihead weigher is an essential part of the packaging process. Reference weighing of the emptied crates ensures that they contain no residue. The crates are removed or loaded back in. This was implemented with a Safety PLC from Siemens, SEW converter technology and safety technology from Pilz and ABB.



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Electrical equipment for stage technology

On famous musical and theatre stages, for example in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart, up to 200 drives are used for a single stage in the overstage and understage machinery. The electrical equipment, including the controller from Röring, ensures that moving and rotating stage parts function perfectly during every performance. Up to 20 km of cable was laid for this purpose. The control cabinets for the electrical system are up to 18 m in length.



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Conveyor technology in the food industry

Plastic food tubs are emptied using conveyor technology. This involves three lines with a feeding mechanism leading to a multihead weigher and removal of the empty tubs. We implemented this with SEW inverters, a Siemens Safety PLC, a Siemens INOX display and a Rittal HD cabinet.



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Custom solutions for your energy supply


Transformer Stations

Planning and new construction of transformer stations according to your requirements.


Low-voltage main distribution boards

We manufacture your custom-equipped low-voltage main distribution boards up to 6300A in accordance with DIN EN 61439.